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Author: Gerald Grey

SinglePoint’s Quick Guide to Finding the Perfect Apartment to Rent

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As if moving to a new city isn’t hard enough, you will also have to find the perfect apartment to

Investing in Real Estate: Where to Begin

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And so, you find yourself asking one question: How do I get started in real estate investments? One of the

Real Estate Blogging Series – Landed Properties vs Condominiums

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In our latest installment of the Real Estate Blogging Series, we investigate the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring landed properties

Real Estate Investment: Long Term Rental vs Vacation Rental

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One thing I’ve noticed trending in the real estate business is that there is an apparent growth in the demand

Mistakes People Make in Buying Real Estate Abroad

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Sometimes, a very good holiday and a round or two of some sunset cocktails in a tropical paradise can all

Ways to Save Up on Closing Costs

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A lot of homeowners believe that the closing costs have got to be the most inconvenient part of buying a

How to Deal with Bad Clients

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A random search on Google would tell you that more stuff are being said on the Internet about clients having

How do I Price My Home?

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One of the biggest, most important steps to take in selling a home is determining its final selling price. After