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SinglePoint’s Quick Guide to Finding the Perfect Apartment to Rent

Posted on August 17, 2017 in Uncategorized by

As if moving to a new city isn’t hard enough, you will also have to find the perfect apartment to rent while you’re at it. Not only does this apartment have to suit your budget, but it has to suit your geographical needs (whether you are in Austin, Texas, or in Penang, Malaysia), as well. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources out there that can serve as your guide to finding the perfect place to rent. However, you will also need to stay in control and be very careful when it comes to certain things. Here are some of the most important things that should be on your checklist while searching for a good apartment to rent.

SinglePoint’s Five Tips For The Perfect Apartment Hunt

  1. Set your budget. Even prior to looking for a new place to rent, you have to set your budget and know exactly how much you can spend on rent every month. Even if you see a place that you like, but that is out of your set budget; renting it wouldn’t be a good idea because you won’t get to enjoy it in the long run – remember that. Many of my clients over-estimated how much they could afford to spend on rental, and they asked me if they could get a place like OneKL or Marc Residences or the exquisite Binjai On The Park in the Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) area where rentals might go up to RM20,000 per month. Here’s a good news article on the topic – KLCC condo prices are rebounding.
  2. Look at rental posts in newspapers. Newspapers may not be the most popular ways to find apartment rentals anymore, but they are definitely still great sources for them. Most of the time, the landlords will add their phone numbers to the rental posts, as well, so you can contact them with ease and set up an appointment right away.
  3. Look at rental listings online. Since a lot of websites have rental listings on them nowadays, you can look for rental apartments on them, too, if you want. Most of these websites also have good search engine features, so you won’t have any trouble narrowing down your preferences and finding a place in your location of choice that suits your budget at the same time. You can even get in touch with the posters of each ad for free. If you end up liking something after contacting them, you can then set up a viewing appointment as you see fit. If you’re in Malaysia, there’s a good property reviews site at where you can find comments (good and bad) of real estate developments in Malaysia. Alternatively, go to Google and type in the name of the development directly into the search engine. You’ll find that there are lots of independent reviews of condominiums. For example, when a client of mine wanted a place at the Dua Residency I Googled and came to the writeup by folks (see that link).
  4. Ask around. Sometimes, your relatives, colleagues or friends might hear of a vacancy within their building or neighborhood, but might not pay much attention to it because they don’t know that you are looking for a new place. If you tell them that you are, though, then they will make sure to keep an eye out on a vacancy. So, make sure you let all of your relatives, colleagues and friends know that you’re searching for an apartment to rent. It would help to let them know what your budget is and what your preferences are when it comes to amenities and utilities, as well. I know this is prevalent among my clients in Penang, Malaysia – they tend to ask around first before engaging real estate brokers.
  5. Ask an agent for help. A lot of people prefer to ask rental agents for help because they don’t like the hassle that comes with finding an apartment for rent on their own. Besides, rental agents get first-hand information on new vacancies that open up; so, if you have the budget for it, you might want to hire a rental agent, too. If you need help, then just get in touch!